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A producer afflicted with a debilitating curse can only be cured by the reporter who despises him.


A modern day Beauty and the Beast or “When Harry Met Sally” watching “The X Files” in jail. Similar to movies like Romancing the Stone, The Proposal, Bridget Jones Diary, and Pillow Talk


An arrogant Hollywood Producer must break a gypsy’s curse to regain fame and fortune. Roger Namroc (Steve Barrett) was a successful film and television producer that took advantage of everything Hollywood had to offer. With a science fiction network deal nearly in hand for his new low budget series Encounters, Roger scoffs at a story a gypsy brings him for the show. So, the old crone gives Roger a cursed gypsy box that causes him to lose everything and forces him to go into hiding. Over time Roger learns that the only way to remove the curse is to convince the one that likes him least that he is a good person. So, he summons Tara Aluran (Clare Grant), the one entertainment critic that has never given him or his work a good review by offering his first and only interview in five years from within a jail cell with a promise of a tell all confession.

Starring Clare Grant and Steve Barrett

Movie pays homage to the films of Roger Corman with Camp Pop Humor

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